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Clear Aligners for 60% Less Than Braces

If you are considering getting braces or Invisalign, try us first! We are 60% less expensive, can straighten out most concerns, and are made in Canada.

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Get Clear Aligners at No Risk to You!

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3 Easy Steps to Your Dream Smile

Free Consultation
We will assess whether you are a candidate for aligners, answer any questions, fill out some forms and get you started.
Doctor Evaluation
An orthodontic specialist will review your case, design a plan to move your teeth into place, and get your aligners made for you!
Start Smiling
Time to wear your aligners and enjoy your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Get a retainer to make sure your straight smile will pass the test of time.


Crowded Teeth

If your teeth slightly overlap or are closer together in one area, our aligners can help straighten out.

Spaced Teeth

If you have spaces between your teeth, chances are that you have a spacing problem that we can help with.

Misaligned Teeth

If you smile has some dips or curves, aligners can help you get the smooth straight smile you want. 

Protruding Teeth

If your front teeth are more forward than you’d like, we can help bring them back in line with the rest. 


For Canadians by Canadians

We are proud to be a Canadian company with licensed Canadian Orthodontists who provide direct care to Canadians wanting to get their dream smile.

We use state of the art 3D printing technology at our lab in Edmonton, so you never have to wonder where you aligners are being made. Being local, also means that there is no lengthy shipping! You can just pick your aligners up!


Partner Clinics

Being local, we have connections! This is why we offer all of our Pure Smiles Online patients preferred pricing at our partner dental and orthodontic clinics. 


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What Do Our Patients Think?

before and after aligners

I love my teeth! Never thought that I would get to say that, but I love my teeth! Thank you so much for this life changing experience!

Kendyll W.

I had such a great experience! I got my aligners a few months ago and I am happy to say that they work! My teeth already look so much straighter! Going here was the best decision!

Juana L.

I am so happy with my new teeth! I had a large gap in my teeth and an orthodontist quoted my $6500 to fix it, then I went here and they are doing it for so much less and still accept my insurance. Now, the gap is gone and I saved 1000s!

Marcus S.

My teeth look...AMAZING! I had really crooked front teeth and everyday I see them getting straighter. I have a few months left in my treatment, but so far I am so happy!

Alan W.