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Covid-19: What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe


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COVID-19: What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe

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Straight Teeth in as Little as 6 Months!

With our fast acting clear aligners, you can have your dream smile by next year!

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A Clear Alternative to Braces


There’s a clear alternative to braces and it's called clear aligners. Clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth without braces and still produce beautiful results.

Clear aligners gradually shift your teeth as you progress through your trays, each tray is slightly modified by your orthodontist to be different than the last. 

Our clear aligners are made using a thermoplastic that’s BPA-free. While other aligner companies get their aligners from abroad, ours are made right here in Canada, so they are proudly Canadian (just like you).

Am I a Candidate?


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Free Consultation
We will assess whether you are a candidate for aligners, answer any questions, fill out some forms and get you started.
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Doctor Evaluation
An orthodontic specialist will review your case, design a plan to move your teeth into place, and get your aligners made for you!
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Start Smiling
Time to wear your aligners and enjoy your beautiful smile for a lifetime. Get a retainer to make sure your straight smile will pass the test of time.

Why We Are Better

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A Great Smile is Guaranteed!

Pure Smiles Online is your best dental alignment option. No really, it’s true! Not only are we 60% less, but unlike many other alignment companies in North America, our services are backed by actual orthodontists! It matters.

If our invisible aligners can’t get the job done to your satisfaction your money isn’t wasted. We will credit most of what you paid towards another treatment option recommended by an approved orthodontic professional in our network.

We’re confident our highly rated aligners will get the job done. But in the very small chance they won’t, either way, you’re one step closer to the stunning new smile you deserve!


What Makes Us Different?

Nobody likes taking a risk, that’s why we offer a risk-free guarantee. If your case needs more attention, and requires a more comprehensive treatment plan, then a portion of the treatment fee is applied to the treatment fee at one of our partner orthodontists. Never lose your initial investment!

Some other companies make, manufacture and ship their clear aligners from abroad. But here at Pure Smiles Online, our clear aligners are made, manufactured and shipped from right here in Canada. We’re proudly Canadian, just like you.

Your smile isn’t something you can just trust to anyone, that is why we only work with trusted, local orthodontic specialists who are board-certified in Canada.

At Pure Smiles Online, we want you to have two things: the treatment you want and an affordable price point. If you find a competitor has a lower price, bring it in to us and we’ll beat it!

No one likes hidden fees or extra charges that come out of what seems to be nowhere. This is exactly why we are transparent about our fees. We make it clear to see what you’re paying and what’s included in your price. No surprises, no hidden fees, just honest pricing. 

Your health and safety are at the centre of our concern that‘s why we do all we can to ensure that your aligners are made with the best and safest material. Our clear aligners are made with a durable thermoplastic that is BPA-free.

Difference Between Aligners and Braces